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5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

When planning your wedding, there are things you want to know and things you should know. Some advice is so good that brides will say, "I'm so thankful you told me that!" There may have been something that you have missed. Whether you are an upcoming bride or you have everything planned perfectly, check out our key planning tips below!


1. Remember, guests come first

Start by getting the approximate number of guest invites before settling on a venue. This ensures that there's plenty of room for you, your guests, and the wedding crew. Try to allow around 20-30 square feet for each guest. Now that may seem like a lot, but it really isn't if you add the tables, busy caterers, uplighting and speedy photographers etc. Remember, the more room a guest has the happier they will be.

2. Keep the weather in mind

Sometimes guests are known to skip out of those hot humid 95 degree tent weddings or the improperly heated winter receptions. Then there's the bugs, like the random swarms of mosquitoes, gnats and stink bugs. You shouldn't have to face these stipulations and neither should your guests, Consider renting pest control products or including bug repellent in your guests gift bags. If you're planning on a sunset ceremony, then make sure you know when to say your vows by checking out or by asking your photographer (sometimes photographers use similar sunrise sunset software) In addition to this we do remind you to always, always have a plan B!

3. Plan the meal

If you plan on having a full 150-200 guests then maybe lobster tails aren't the best choice as your entree. On average the number two things people remember most about a wedding is the food next to entertainment. So how do you make sure that the guests are getting a good quality meal? A way to resolve this is to remember to balance the budget. You may put all your resources into the ceremony and because of that you might be serving a poor quality meal. Make sure to do the proper research on caterers and review your budget before making some of those important decisions. You may also want to remember to keep your wedding crew in mind (all Photographers, Djs etc).

4. Schedule setup times

You must remember to make sure there's plenty of time for the setup. If the venue is being rented and you're bringing in outside help then contact those people in advance to ensure they're there to help. Try and do it the day before, or very early morning on the wedding day. This way you can review and finalize the setup before your events start and relieve some stress. Also note, photographers and Djs will also need setup times too. When working with Limelight your planning professional will connect with your hall to arrange all times needed, however when working with other companies you may want to contact your photographer/dj to make sure that they know when they can setup.

5. Use your time efficiently

When it comes down to that last month of planning take a look at the mile long to do list and cut two or three things. And not the important things you don't feel like doing, like choosing the processional song or confirming final details with your photographer or other vendors. Eliminate some of those extra mile things like hand painting that "just married" sign, or creating over the top guest bags. Cross those off of the list and focus on the essentials. By doing this you prioritize your wedding planning way more efficiently and take another load off your back. Complete all DIY projects at least one week prior, do not wait until the night before.


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