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The Perfect Wedding is YOUR Wedding; Keeping Up with the Trends of 2019

Imagining your perfect wedding is a big picture. Seeing yourself in your exquisite wedding gown, under the perfect lighting, listening to your favorite songs, dancing with the people you love most. With imagination, comes curiosity! After what may seem like countless hours scrolling through Google and Pinterest, reading front to back of EVERY wedding magazine you could possibly get your hands on; one question lingers in your mind… How is this going to be your perfect wedding without being the same wedding your guests will be attending all year? The answer? Have the most YOU wedding you possibly can!

This year, planners are seeing creativity come to life. Here are five ideas that will help make your wedding unique all the while keeping up with the latest trends!


1. Making Understated Statements

Making understated statements? Now that doesn’t sound right! We just said we were going to personalize, right? Exactly! In 2019 we are seeing the fine details come to light! First thing is first! The invites; from typography, video messages from the to-be-weds, and custom illustrations are all prime ways to shake up your date setting announcement. Include an illustration of your venue, let it unfold with different textures and colors, let your guests have a hint as to what to expect on your big day! Another minor detail that is setting the scene this year, is wearing your bouquet instead of holding it! Have the floral shop create a bridal arm band that pairs with your gown, maybe a necklace that matches the groom’s boutonniere. A unique twist on a tradition that has covered generations will surely be something to remember!

2. All About the Venue

Non-traditional venues are something planners are continuing to see into 2019. From beach and field weddings, came destination weddings. Now, the sky is the limit! (Or so to speak, anyways.) Let your guests watch you say, “I Do,” under the stars at the Planetarium. A sight they won’t soon forget, without having to worry about the chill or time of the night. You can keep close to home, literally, by having the venue at a private or personal home. This will allow you to decorate and maneuver for your big day without any restrictions while maintaining the comfort of your home that you enjoy. Other nontraditional venues to consider, but not be limited to, are art galleries, national parks or warehouses. Whether you want a sight to behold, a grand entrance or something only you have imagined, let your creativity flow to find the perfect venue to say, “I do!”

3. Adding a Theme

In previous years, color palettes painted the wedding scene. From the invitations, to the attire, all the way down to the centerpieces on the tables, you would see pinks, blues, yellows, at every turn. Although still very popular, planners are now seeing themes and “vibes” upstage the idea of color schemes. Whether Harry Potter is your favorite book or Star Wars your favorite movie, these themes could dictate lower lighting, edgier décor and custom pieces. Let’s mix it up a bit! Are you and your fiancé big sports fans? Let your favorite team celebrate with you! Pair your bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen’s attire to the jersey colors you wear every weekend! Mix and match the table settings and the floral bouquets. No matter your decision, let the colors within your theme paint your day; start to finish, as the traditional palettes typically would!

4. Getting with the Times

To get with the times tends to mean keeping up with what’s in. Are you and your fiancé the next hip couple looking to have the edgiest wedding in town? Using exotic colors, edgy décor and statement lighting will your guests’ wonderstruck as they arrive. In 2019, however, this also means returning to the classics. Descend back into time, decorating your special day with lace overlays and crystal stemware. Dance the night away at a ballroom reception or maybe settle in with a sit-down dinner party would be the most ideal. Isn’t it wonderful how this falls perfectly into picking a theme for your wedding day? Whether you’re going galactic with some edgy fantasy fun… Don’t worry, we still haven’t forgotten about your love for Star Wars… Or making your princess dream come true, walking down the aisle in tiara and capelet, you won’t feel out of place this wedding season! Your day is now yours more than ever before!

5. The Highlight of the Night… Besides You, Of Course!

Three words: Making. A. Statement. This year we see the return of the glorious wedding cake. Although not gone entirely, past years’ trends have led towards unique sweets such as doughnuts, pies, customized cupcakes. Even dessert bars for things such as cheesecake, s’mores or cake pops. But what better way to make a comeback, than to make a statement while doing it? Couples are electing to show off their museum worthy cakes in 2019 by making the iconic confection bigger and bolder than ever before. Opting for unexpected shapes, sculpted with unique textures and finished with eye-catching, rich colors. Your guests will find themselves in awe at your highlight of the night, until they soon realize that is tastes as scrumptious as it looks!

Whether edgy or traditional, by the beach or under the stars, we are here to make your day unique, perfect… and YOURS. Let the Wedding Pros of Limelight Entertainment and Photography show you why our brides and grooms love us so much!


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