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Thank You Gifts

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The Bride and Groom receive many gifts at their bridal party and at their wedding, but there are also a few other people that receive gifts. That's right, the Bridal Party! It is important to show the Bridal Party that you care and appreciate them helping you not only celebrate, but plan your special day!

A thank you gift can really be anything you want it to be! Maybe something traditional, or something creative and spunky, the choice is yours! If there is a specific theme for your wedding, the try and be creative and have the gift match that theme. Try to make them as meaningful and as unique as you can. Besides, this gift symbolizes the love and gratitude that you have for this person.

Be sure to package or wrap the gift. The gifts that you give will be cherished and looked back on for many years to come. One thing that you may decide to do is put a monogram of their name, or the date of your wedding on their gift.

Here are a few gift ideas to give to each side of the Bridal Party.

For the Groom's Attendants:

-Engraved Pocket Knife

-Engraved Flask

-Paper Weight

-Money clip

-Silver Accessory Box

-Silver Key Chain

For the Bride's Attendant's

-Jewelry Box

-Pearl Earrings

-Picture Frame

-Silver or Gold Bracelet

-Silver Compact

-Ring Holder

No matter what the gift is, as long as the person that you are giving it to knows that they are receiving it out of love and appreciation, then you will have given them the perfect gift.


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