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10 Tips to Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Planning an outdoor wedding can tend to be a bit tricky when it comes to things such as the weather, the location, decorations, etc. Outdoor weddings are absolutely gorgeous, and we here at Limelight would love to help you plan the perfect ceremony and reception.


Here are 10 Tips that can help you plan the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

1. Permits

Depending on where your ceremony and/or reception is located, you may or may not need a permit from your local city parks department or government. It is a good idea to look into this before booking the venue, just to make sure that you have the proper information and materials to actually have the ceremony/reception outdoors. It is also a good idea to inquire about trash removal, photography, and candles or other lighting.

2. Decorations

The outdoors gives natural beauty to your wedding. Be sure to call the venue or park to make sure that the lawn s mowed and properly manicured just before the day of your wedding. You may or may not want to out out additional flowers, lighting, and possibly a trellis or archway where you and your significant other will be standing.

3. Make Sure Everyone Can Hear!

There are many outdoor noises that could make it hard for your guests to hear you, as well as the officiant. Wind, waves, street traffic, and others can cause a disturbance. It may be a good idea to look into getting microphone clips for the bride, groom, and officiant

4. Make Your Guests Comfortable

Depending on the weather the day of your wedding, your guests may get too hot or too cold. If it is going to be hot, you may consider large fans, or even small paper fans and bottles of water for each guest. If it is too cold, small heaters and lap blankets would suit your guests perfectly. This lets your guests know that you are thinking of them

5. A Bright Shining Sun

Many couples tend to have their wedding day ceremony between 1pm and 5pm. This allots for plenty of sunlight for the ceremony itself, as well as allotting the photographer time to take beautiful pictures of friends, family, and the newlywed couple. With having the ceremony during the day, try and time it so that the sunlight is aimed towards your guest's backs. This way, they won't have to squint or cover their eyes as you say "I do".

6. When Windy Weather Hits

The type of fabric that you choose for your wedding dress, as well as your bridesmaid dresses can be affected by the wind. When choosing the fabric, try to keep in mind that you want something that can withstand wind, heat, the cold, etc.

7. Bugs!

What could be worse than a bug landing in your hair or a fly swarming you while your saying your vows? During the warmer seasons, especially summer, the bugs will be out and ready to play. Light a few citronella candles or spray bug repellent beofre the ceremony, that way they stay away!

8. Your Guests May Be Parched

It is always nice to have something to drink, no matter the season or the weather. During warmer weather, you can have water, lemonade, iced tea, etc. for your guests to sip on. For the colder weather, hot cocoa, coffee, hot tea, etc. can be set out for your guests. This lets them know that you care and want to make sure that they are enjoying themselves.

9. Surviving the Heat

Some foods wouldn't last 15 minutes outdoors, considering the weather and the bugs. Talk with your caterer and come up with foods that will be able to sit outside for long periods of time.

10. Having a Backup Plan

The weather really can be unpredictable. Just in case something goes awry, have a backup facility that allows you to get in there and set everything up before your start time. Not that it will be needed to use, but just to have.

As said before, planning the perfect outdoor wedding can he tricky, but keeping small details like these in the back of your mind can help the planning and execution of your wedding day go a little smoother


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