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8 Helpful Tips to Planning Your Wedding During the Holidays

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

When planning your wedding, there are things you want to know and things you should know. Some advice is so good that brides will say, "I'm so thankful you told me that!" Something could be missed, especially during the holiday season. Whether you are an upcoming bride or you have everything planned perfectly, check out our key planning tips below!

`1. Check the Weather in Advance!

No matter what day you decide to have your wedding on, the weather can always be unpredictable. Check the weather in advance and keep checking on it as your big day gets closer, especially if it is outdoors! Dress accordingly, or in other words, STAY WARM!

2. Time to Eat!

Trying to save a few extra dollars around the holidays? If you plan on having between 150-200 guests, then you probably don't want to spend a fortune just on food. On average the number two things people remember most about a wedding is the food next to entertainment. So how do you make sure that the guests are getting a good quality meal? A way to resolve this is to remember to balance the budget. You may put all your resources into the ceremony and because of that, you might be serving a poor quality meal. Make sure to do the proper research on caterers and review your budget before making some of those important decisions. You may also want to remember to keep your wedding crew in mind (all Photographers, DJs etc).

3. Scheduling Set-up Times!

Always remember that there should be plenty of time for setting up! If you are renting out a venue and bringing in outside help, make sure that the Photographer, DJ, etc. have plenty of time to set up their gear and test it out before its time for the guests to arrive. This can be done by giving them a set time in which they can arrive at the venue to set-up. This gives them plenty of time to fix anything that could possibly go wrong!

4. The Guests Come First!