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6 Things You Need to Know to Survive a Rainy Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

There are a few things that may occur on your big day that you can't control. Now and then that thing is a fight between family members, the bakery not showing up in time with you wedding cake or perhaps rain is in the forecast.. Be that as it may, we always plan with the highest expectations and with those there needs to be plan B's. In case you're anticipating saying "I do" outside or you have a part of your wedding outside, it's important to have an alternative arrangement in the event of some unforeseen issue (like a downpour). Regardless of whether you're certain it won't rain, even if you live somewhere where it never rains it is always better to be safe then sorry.Take a look at some of our Limelight rainy wedding day tips that we hope brides and grooms can use to remember a few of the fundamentals needed just in case the weather goes south on your big day.

1. Umbrellas

This ones the most obvious, keep a couple of these available just in the event that the rain tails you on your big day. These will be imperative and be your safe house if a sudden rainstorm chooses to fly through.

2. An Indoor Space

Regardless of whether you truly need your service or reception to be outside, ensure you have an indoor space held as a sanity check. Regardless of whether that space isn't perfect or as lovely as the one in the photo above, it may be necessary to have it as a plan B in the event that it begins sprinkling. Your visitors will thank you perpetually, for not forcing them to sit outside in the rain.

3. A Place for Food to Be Stored

In case you're anticipating having your reception outside, make certain to have an indoor spot you can keep the food if it begins to rain. That way, all your food won't be ruined.

4. A place to dry off

On the off chance that rain comes to crash your wedding and the setting isn't working out as much as you trusted, host an after get-together arranged. That way, visitors can simply stop in and get dry before proceeding with the gathering some place else for the remainder of the wedding.

5. Extra Pair of Shoes

No one gets a kick out of the chance to stroll around with wet feet. Try to keep an extra pair of shoes in your car in the event that you have soaked your shoes.

6. Courtesy Towels

If it were to rain during the ceremony your guests need a place to seek shelter and a way to dry off. If you notice rain in the forecast on your preset wedding date then you might want to invest in some hand sized courtesy towels for your guests to dry off before continuing to the reception.

No one anticipates for it to rain on their big day, but having some minor backup plans in event that it does begin to downpour ensures that a little rain won't ruin your day. We hope this post can be used as a reminder and reference for a few necessary things to consider for when you tie the knot.

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