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Fall in Love with Fall Wedding Trends

Autumn colors, particularly in Michigan, are breathtaking.

As the weather begins to cool off and leaves start falling, we've been able to reflect on what we loved about summer, and what we're excited to see about autumn.

Summer weddings with sunlight shining and green grass are beautiful, but have you considered having your wedding in the fall? This allows you to take advantage of Mother Nature's autumn beauty, and creates the opportunity for you and your guests to take a step out of the house and appreciate nature. The long-awaited cool weather, the deep, earthy smells, and the beautiful yellows, oranges, and browns that fall has to offer are just a few among many reasons we love fall weddings. Here are a few trends we are looking forward to seeing in weddings this fall.

Breathtaking, natural color

We spend so much time staring down at the pixels on our phones. We appreciate brightly colored screens, the food coloring in our sweets - but when was the last time you really stopped to look at nature and appreciated the colors around us?

This fall, we're seeing - and loving - beautiful uses of color in weddings. Gone are the days with the blush bridesmaids dresses and icy centerpieces (although, we love those too!). Hello to deep plums, warm burgundies, and toasty oranges!

Take a look at some color palettes you'll definitely be seeing.

Metallic Accents that Won't Outshine the Bride

Add some metallic accents to your color palette!

Something we've particularly been loving to see paired up with burgundies and oranges - COPPER!

Spice up your tables with the casual sparkle of copper. We've seen silver and gold accents sprinkled throughout wedding accessories and favors, and we are beyond excited to start seeing copper make its way to the spotlight.

Au-Naturale Cake Decor

Bring some nature into your cake!

All white, 3-tiered wedding cakes are beautiful, no doubt. However, we absolutely love the leafy trends that have been going around, and love seeing how bakeries are incorporating beautiful accents of falls into their decor.

Incorporate all the trends listed above, and showcase them on your wedding cake. Watch it tie together the entire room - all the decorations, accents of metallic colors, and the beautiful colors of fall.

Fall - we are ready for you.

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