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Why We Do Things

As a last part to our posts on traditions, we decided to take a deeper look into why certain things are traditions, and how they came to be. We've all heard of the 'something blue,' the ring finger, and veils are absolutely beautiful - but how did they become a tradition? Here are just a few things we found interesting.

The Ring Finger

Both the engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger (first being your thumb) on your left hand. Why not the middle finger?

Supposedly, it was once known that there is a vein that runs from this particular finger all the way to your heart. While it is not biologically proven that it causes a closer connection (since they are on the finger with the vein), it is now referred to as the ring finger and will be the finger the wedding band will always belong on.

The Veil

Nowadays, we see veils garnished with diamonds or pearls and delicate lace. People hold different values to wearing a veil, but originally, brides wore them to protect themselves from evil spirits, according to the Ancient Greeks and Romans.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about honeymoons may be a week hiking through the mountains, or maybe sunny days in Bora Bora. Have you ever wondered why they are called honeymoons?

Ancient couples in certain areas would go into hiding for 30 days (or for the cycle of one moon) after the wedding. The family would bring to them a cup of honey wine -- hence, honey moon.

Something Old...

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

We've all heard this, although not everyone chooses to participate in it. Where does it come from, and why do people do this? What does it even mean?

Well, the saying is a part of an old English rhyme, and each adjective represents something.

Something old: continuity

Something new: new hopes for the future

Something borrowed; happiness that has been borrowed

Something blue: purity, love, and fidelity

It's always worth thinking deeper into the meanings behind traditions in order to fully enjoy them to the maximum!

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