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Wedding Flowers Made Simple

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow we decided to focus today’s post on what many consider to be the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, flowers! Consider this to be a quick crash course on doing flowers the right way at your wedding.

By the way: Did you know that an estimated 250 million roses are bought during Valentine’s Day? Roses may be red but your florist is certainly seeing green.

So, flowers are often one of the most remembered and commented on aspects of a wedding, and can therefore be pretty important. Some tips we recommend when thinking about your wedding flowers are:

  • Be sure to have an open and clear dialogue with your florist. It makes their job easier and will yield you a happier and more ideal result. We suggest using tools like Pinterest to garner some ideas that can be clearly shown off and communicated. Then, you’ll want to make sure you share these ideas with your florist, either print out some of your favorites to give them an idea of what you’re looking for or see if they too are on Pinterest and share your board with them.

  • Next, don’t get pigeonholed when it comes to flower colors. This is a great spot to accent some of your wedding colors and make your wedding pop in pictures and video. Be sure to keep an open mind if your florist (a professional) has something in mind that might not be exactly the color you were looking for.

  • In today’s day and age traditional flowers certainly have their place, however, if you’re into the more eccentric and unique wedding ideas, flowers are an area that allows for a ton of creativity. When doing your research you will most certainly find folks that used interesting containers and filled them with unique flowers and other organic items, if this is an urge you feel…we say go for it.

  • DIY is also an option when considering flowers. We all know that flowers can hike your bill up an uncomfortable amount and while professional florists will certainly have beautiful options, today’s digital age will allow you to see hundreds, if not thousands of equally beautiful and practical floral options than can be done by hand with a plan and some helpful friends or family.

Finally, as we here at Limelight Entertainment and Photography love to be as useful as possible, be sure to let us know if wedding flowers are still on your to do list. We’ve got multiple florists that we highly recommend and would love to be able to take another worry off of your mind.

Stay tuned this week for an awesome couple of blog posts, we’re ready to introduce our Vendor Spotlights and will have more information on a unique and

creative contest that could end up saving you tons on your photography package!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the crew at Limelight!

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