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How to: Maximize Your Wedding Day Happiness

Your wedding day can be a hectic time, amazing, but hectic. Our belief at Limelight Entertainment and Photography is that your wedding should be put in the hands of someone that cares as much about your happiness as you do. Limelight does, so to help you enjoy your wedding day as much as possible, we’ve compiled a list of numerous helpful tips for enjoying your special day to the fullest.

Get a full nights sleep, eat a balanced and full breakfast and give yourself adequate time in the morning.

Everyone knows that the best way to have a strong finish is to have an even stronger start. Take our advice and try not to stay up all night worrying about the small details, chances are you’ve planned accordingly and have delegated duties to those you can trust. So, shut your eyes and try to imagine tomorrow as just another…very…awesome…day.

When the time comes to wake up, set that alarm early enough to give yourself some time. Try and stick to your usual routine if you’ve got one, go for that run, have your smoothie and eat a well balanced breakfast. There’s no sense in changing things up now, especially when your current routine is what makes you, you.