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Week in Weddings Wrap-Up!

It’s time for "The Week in Weddings Wrap-Up!”, a pop culture themed look at what’s going on in the world of weddings, as well as some fun wedding history, facts and news. Enjoy!

January 30th -

Caterpillar Commitment - If you’re looking for wedding cakes, chances are you’ve been poking around the internet trying to learn anything and everything there is to know about cake. Perhaps you even stumbled upon Colin the Caterpillar, a caterpillar shaped roll cake sold by “Mark & Spencer” of the U.K., which has made appearances at an estimated 7 million parties world wide. Parties hosted by former British Prime Minister David Cameron, former Mayor of London Boris Johnson and soccer superstar David Beckham have all featured the interesting insect themed cake. The big news is that Colin is set to be married to the lovely Connie the Caterpillar! Colin comes in with a price tag nearing $65, while the pair would cost you closer to $125. Read the full story on Daily Mail’s website.

February 2nd -

Limelight Wedding has been awarded by The Knot

Costly Commitment - The cost of the average wedding rose 8% from last year, now coming in just over $35,000. The number of guest, however, has dropped on average, meaning guest that do come are getting a much more special and personalized experienced. Some of the cited reasons for the cost hike are, couples opting for both a band and a DJ and they’re staying later too. Who’s footing these monster bills? According to The Knot, 44% comes from the bride’s parents, 42% from the grooms and the other 13% comes straight from the happy couple themselves. Read the full story on CNN Money’s website.

Celebrity Wedding Anniversaries -

February 1,1986 - Diana Ross & Arne Naess - The Motown legend known for being the lead singer of The Supremes and Norwegian businessman Arne Naess were married on this day in 1986. Unfortunately they divorced in 2000 after 14 years.

February 2,1870 - Mark & Olivia Twain - The great American author, best known for writing the novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn married his wife Olivia on this day 147 years ago. The two were married 34 years, until Olivias death in 1904. Happy 147th anniversary!

February 3, 2006 - Glenn Close & David Shaw - The renowned actress, best known for her roles in The Big Chill and The Natural married tech executive David Shaw on this day in 2006. This marriage was short lived, however, as the two divorced in 2015.

February 3, 2007 - Bam Margera & Melissa Rothstein - Professional skateboarder and stuntman Bam Margera married model, Melissa Rothstein on this day in 2007. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only 6 years.

February 7, 1988 - Mike Tyson & Robin Givens - Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, best known for biting a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear off, married TV actress Robin Givens, known for her roles on Chuck and The Game. The marriage lasted a year.

Wedding Song of the Week: “At Last” covered by Etta James (1960) - Often cited as the most popular and sometimes even most overplayed wedding song of all time. This classic love song was originally written for the musical film, Sun Valley Serenade.

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