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2017 wedding planning to do's

When planning your 2017 wedding now.

Part 1...... The Venue

It is not too early to start planning your 2017 wedding, after all less than a year away. You will likely change your mind about the finer details of the wedding between now and the wedding date, so you can throw ideas around but leave smaller details closer to the time of the wedding. Check out this Pinetrest board for some great 2017 wedding trends. Right now, you will want to make some of the larger decisions and then start saving. The more money you save the closer you will be to achieving your dream wedding and the less stress you will have when making decisions.

Ceremony and Reception venue

You may need to lock down the venue and the ceremony location, as popular venues will always get booked first and pretty far in advance. Securing the location will allow you to start being creative with your colors, decor and theme. Also choosing the time of year will help decide which colors and design themes will work best. When booking your wedding venue, make sure you check your contract details carefully. If it is an estimate, you may find the venue charges more (or less) closer to the date and time of your wedding. Many venues allow advance bookings which is why they have a waiting list. It is a good idea to take out insurance for wedding bookings should it not go ahead for any reason and you lose your deposits. There are many companies who offer this