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Join the Mid Michigan Wedding Planner...a new Facebook community of Mid-Michigan brides and Michigan

MMWP welcomes you!

The MMWP team is proud to invite you to join the newest and unique wedding planning community in Mid Michigan. Our mission is to create a community of Michigan brides and wedding vendors.

What makes MMWP different from other wedding chat rooms, forums, or Facebook groups?

With a world full of information and communication outlets, we want to make sure that the time you spend is time well spent. Besides offering a wide variety of great articles, convenient and helpful apps, blog posts, and creative and unique ideas, MMWP offers a resource to ask questions to real wedding professionals.

WWMP offers a safe and reliable place to get educated answers and advice and not the typical "well, at my wedding we did it this way". We all love our friends and family and are so blessed with their love and willingness to help, however sometimes there are questions and needs you will have that require a more experienced person to answer or help you. Professional wedding planners are most of the time a great investment. They know the industry, other vendors, and the ins and outs that will take the pressure off of you while still having the perfect wedding day. However, many of us don't have $1500 in our budget for a wedding planner. That's where the MMWP community steps in. Our community of wedding professionals are just that, professionals. Each vendor must submit the required information on their business and meet certain criteria to be accepted. We want nothing but the best for our brides and grooms and that is what you can expect as a member of the MMWP family.

What to expect and see from MMWP in the future?

The MMWP team is working hard to grow the member numbers and build a large community of brides. As important as passing on our experience to you is, the insight, thought and opinions of today's Michigan brides are the most important factors to us. The larger amount of Michigan brides we have, the better the experience will be for everyone. Once the community seed has been planted, nurtured, and is beginning to grow, the MMWP team will begin the production of the MMWP Bridal Show. Shooting for our first fall show in 2017 and first winter show in 2018.

Thank you for joining, sharing, liking, and supporting the MMWP community. We are excited for you to be a part of the group and look forward to assisting you in your wedding and wedding planning needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Limelight Entertainment and Photography at 517-709-7409 or fill out a contact form here on our site.


MMWP and Limelight Entertainment and Photography.

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