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Tips for a Stress Free 2020 Wedding Morning

Today is your wedding day! How exciting! You’ve been planning this day for a long time. There are so many emotions that it can be easy to get very overwhelmed. However, starting your day off right will ensure those nerves wear off so you can enjoy YOUR special day with all those you love. Stress free.

The Perfect Playlist

Music. It sets the tone for the day. Maybe your group is naturally hyped and you want everyone to be a little more chill before your wedding. Maybe you want to hype up your bridesmaids with something peppier. Having a Bluetooth speaker is perfect because it gives everyone the chance to play their favorite tunes. Or maybe you want to play songs that mean a lot to you and your relationship with your significant other.

Snacks and Champagne

Hair, makeup and getting ready can take forever. Yummy snacks will ensure everyone is happy and not running on empty. The last thing you want is for your group to get grouchy or pass out during the ceremony. To avoid feeling super bloated ditch greasy, high carb foods. Fruit and vegetable trays, granola bars, nuts, etc. are all perfect options. But don’t forget about a little champagne toast.

Stay on Track

Make sure you have a designated person keeping everyone on track to avoid going over time. This person should know all the details of YOUR day. The last thing you want is spending too much time getting ready and then losing out on precious photo time with your bridesmaids.

Speaking of photography, it is super important to have your photographer present while you are getting ready. It gives them time to warm up with their camera and gives them time to take photos of all the details. For instance rings, wedding dress, flowers, etc. This time also allows for the photographer to get candid shots of you and your friends and family.

Don’t stress. Just relax. Enjoy the time you have with your family and bridesmaids as you get ready for the day.

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