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Proposal Photoshoot Tips

You will probably spend weeks or even months planning the perfect proposal. But when that moment comes, it will be over in an instant. If you are planning a private proposal, you can still savor the moment for life by planning a proposal photoshoot. You will walk away from the final result with priceless photos that both you and your partner will cherish forever. New York City photographer Ash Fox has captured many special proposals and she gave a few planning tips that you need to know for your engagement.

Simplicity is Beautiful

There are some couples who may enjoy a flashy moment. But, simple moments have more potential to be meaningful. A big gesture might sound fun but it could take away from the entire love story. Fox says that “most of the guys I work with just want a raw and simple-but-beautiful moment in a beautiful location. They want the proposal to be about them and not a whole over-the-top thing."

Make It Intimate

It is really important to keep the moment intimate and just between you two. Having a large group of people could ruin the photoshoot. So if you are planning on celebrating with a large group, try and celebrate after. If you want to include family and friends in the moment, maybe consider arranging a small gathering after the photoshoot. Unless there is a family member who is important to this moment like say a party’s child. A good suggestion is hiding family members nearby and let them gather as the proposal ends. Sometimes you can do a double surprise by the proposal first and then revealing that your family and friends are there.

Hide Your Photographer

In order to keep every element of this moment a surprise, hiding the photographer during the shoot is a good idea. A good idea is just pretending that it is a normal photoshoot but little does your partner know that you have a big surprise about to happen!

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