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Bridal Expo Part One: What to Expect

As many of you may know, we participate in a lot of shows across the state and Lansing has a new one we wil be attending as well. The Limelight Bridal Expo is coming up on November 5th. This show has a ton of big things planned for brides and are so excited for the day to be here! We wanted to share a few tips about bridal expos with you for the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on our blog!

For this first week, we wanted to talk about what exactly a bridal expo is and what you should expect. By definition (from the very trustworthy google), expo means "Exposition, large-scale public exhibition". So basically, when you incorporate the word "bridal" in with "expo" you create a large scale event where in which there are all types of wedding exhibits (or venders). This gives brides and grooms the opportunity to find and talk with many different wedding experts (such as those employed and associated with Limelight). Whether that be about photography, DJ, catering, flowers, venue, dresses; you name it, you will have the opportunity to see their work and even communicate with them about what you're perfect day might look like. How cool is that? There will also be plenty of other brides and grooms to interact and share ideas with along the way.!

Not to mention, many bridal expos involve giveaways, and who doesn't love free stuff? At our booth, we will personally be giving away a free DJ service, free engagement session, free Flush Mount photo album, 50% photo packages, free projected slide show and more, including a surprise GRAND PRIZE!! Pretty awesome right?

So, as we mentioned above, stay in tuned with our blog to read more about bridal expos and we hope to see you all there!

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