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5 Music Mistakes To Not Make at Your Wedding

No matter whether you and your partner consider yourself music people or not, the music at your wedding and reception is very important. A great band or DJ can be the difference between a great wedding and an unforgettable wedding. Well, avoid these mistakes and you will be guaranteed to have amazing wedding music.

Dismissing the Idea of A Band or DJ

To start, do not dismiss the idea of a band or DJ because you are worried it will be out of your budget or you think it will be cheesy. If you and your partner love live music and have more leeway on your budget? A live band might be the way to go. If you have a tighter budget and have songs that you'd like to be played just like they are on Spotify, a DJ might be the better choice.

Starting the Ceremony in Silence

Most guests will arrive to the ceremony 20-30 minutes before it starts. But, the wait will seem a lot longer if they are waiting in silence. Book your ceremony musician to start 20 minutes prior to the ceremony. Also, having music before and during the ceremony will help signal your guests for when it is time to be seated or get quiet.

Skipping A Sound Check

First, have your band or DJ do a walk-through before the ceremony if they have not worked in your venue before. Depending on your venue, there might be limitations like power supply, sound amplification, or restrictions based on the time of day. Your vendor will be there to help you. Also do not wait until the day of your ceremony to meet your band or DJ.

Forgetting to Talk Through Your Must-Plays

Do not assume that your band or DJ is going to play every single one of your favorites. If you are going to go with a band, talk to them about your list before you decide to book because they may have to learn one or two songs. For a DJ, just be sure that they are open to your suggestions. Also, sit down with your partner and go over your must-plays and your do-not-play list. If your must play list gets too long, maybe come up with a third list like a wish list.

Making it Impossible for Guests to Hear Each Other

Your wedding reception is not the place to have night-club volume. Having loud music will only frustrate your older guests and it will make it tough for them to hear each other and enjoy the reception. Work with your band or DJ to go over any volume requests. You could ask for low volume during cocktail hour and dinner and louder for dancing.

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