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5 Mistakes To Not Make During Your First Look

While some couples take the more traditional route where they have their first look moment as the bride walks down the aisle, having a first look is becoming more and more popular. Having this first look moment, is something really special and can take the nervousness and anxiety off during this day. It allows the bride and groom to share this special moment together before it is time to say ‘I do’. This is once-in-a-lifetime and you will treasure this moment forever. The most common mistake that a couple will make is not hiring a professional photographer for this moment. Here are a five mistakes to avoid during your first look.

Leaving Your Photographer Out of the Loop

When planning this first look, talk with your photographer about your vision, or if you are not sold on anything in particular, ask for advice. They most likely have seen and done tons of first looks. You will want to plan out things like timing and positioning so when the moment comes, you can be as carefree as you want and your photographer can take over from there.

Not Having Enough Time

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel rushed. The purpose of a first look is to calm you and your partners nerves and make you feel happy. Your photographer will be able to help you nail down a timeline that works for you. Stick to this plan even if it means you have to wake up and get ready a little earlier, it will be worth it to avoid any unnecessary stress. Plus if you plan it out well, you will have enough time for hair, makeup, or any last minute wardrobe touch ups.

Bringing Your Wedding Party With You

If you have planned to take photos with your wedding party before the ceremony, have everyone meet you a little later. This would also be a good idea if you think they will make you make you more nervous or uncomfortable during this moment. Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy this magical moment, just the two of you.

Choose a Busy Spot

The first look is all about you and your partner so find a spot where your guests cannot see you. Find a location that allows you to enjoy each others company, say what you want to say, and have a totally natural reaction without having to deal with onlookers.

Assuming Your First Look Has to be Like Everyone Else's

Just like your wedding, your first look can be done in any way you want it to be. There is no one way to do it. If you are not sold on doing a first look, maybe try something different like a first touch or a first read. You and your partner can stand just out of sight of each other, on either side of a door or partition, you can hold hands and read each other a love note or say a prayer.

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