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EVERYTHING you need to know about your wedding album

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

That's it, here you are! The big day is over and you now get to sit back and relax happily married. But wait! There's one more thing, your wedding album! Choosing the right photos for your wedding album can be quite the challenge. But it doesn't have to be, that's why here at Limelight we created 5 simple steps for choosing the images for your wedding album. We strongly encourage our brides and grooms to take a look at our simple and easy steps below to really understand how to choose their photos for their albums in order to best re-create the story of your wedding day.

Check out our 5 easy steps below to help choose the best images for your album.

Step 1: Enjoy Choosing!

Your Wedding Album is something that is going to be with you for the rest of your life. It will remind you of all the special memories and moments with your loved ones, so that is why it is so important to take your time when choosing the photos to go in it. We believe that choosing the pictures should be something you enjoy, because it is another stage in your wedding journey. If you can sit down with your spouse and have dinner or even a glass of wine or two and enjoy the experience rather than getting stressed. This will also make your album more meaningful.

Step 2: Tell your Story.

A wedding album should tell the story of the day from beginning to end in chronological order. So we encourage when selecting your photos for your album to keep that consistency. When you open your album we want you to re-live that day all over again, so choosing unique moments that really stick out to you will help tell that story. When we design albums, we start and end with a singular photo of the bride and groom. And moving on to the first couple pages we begin with the introduction of the bride and grooms day separately. As the bride and groom get ready, to the first look, to the reception and then on to family photos etc. Choosing your images like this will really help tell your story and allow you to look back at your wedding day from beginning to end.

Step 3: Break the Day into Sections.

Your album will flow better if you have a nice balance of pictures from across the different parts of your day. So rather than picking loads from the first part of the day and not much from later on or vise versa try to ensure a consistent spread of your favorites across the board. Then divide your shots up into different sections and choose the very best from each one, Try to keep the numbers roughly the same for each section. Here is a list for you to get a general idea of what we need from you for your album.


- Venue shots to set the scene for the story

- Getting ready shots for the bride, plus details (dress, shoes, flowers etc)

- Getting ready shots for the groom, plus a couple of details (if applicable)

- Wide shot of your ceremony room, plus one or two details

- Shots of the