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2019 Wedding Trends

Obviously, weddings are not going anywhere. But in this industry, the trends and creativeness with couples changes every single year. Today, these weddings are all about making it an event to remember. Couples are personalizing the event all the way. Here some some new wedding trends from 2019.

All-Out Invites

The bigger and more unique, the better. Some couples are doing a boxed correspondence or a video message from the almost newlyweds, these invites are setting the stage for this event. Typography is leading the charge as the chicest design detail, and illustrations of nontraditional venues (remote campsite, historic house and more) continue to trend.

Having A Band And A DJ

Usually, you would pick one or the other. But now you can have both. Having a DJ can allow you to play your favorite hits while also the benefit of having a live guitarist or piano or saxophone player. You get the best of both worlds: original songs with the accompaniment of a live musician.


Weddings colors still has its place in decor planning but the idea of having a theme is starting to upstage the basic color palette. Instead of a color scheme, couples are using a favorite book or TV show to dictate the look of the big day.

Party Favors

Try and skip the monogrammed chocolates and come up with something that will offer your guests an experience as the ultimate thank you. If you are having a weekend wedding, maybe plan a sunset boat cruise, or a guided nature walk or a cocktail mixing class. You could also invite a cigar roller or an ice cream truck to post up at the reception for a unique crowd pleasing takeaway treat.

Award Winning Cakes

The idea of having a wedding cake is here to stay but the looks of them are up and coming. Bakers or opting for unexpected shapes and varying sizes and number of tiers. Many are finishes with rich designs and textures.

Glam Bars

This kind of bar does not serve cocktails. This is located in the bathroom where a hair and/or makeup pro posts up in the ladies room to touch up any hair or makeup.

Light It Up

From fine linens to lounge furniture, there are tons of ways to enhance a space with rentals. 2019 is all about the lighting. Uplighting gets an upgrade from more bespoke options like basket lanterns, neon installations and more subtle colored taper candles.

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