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The Best and Worst Wedding Trends

Like clothing, makeup, furniture, and the sort, weddings go through trends. Some seem timeless, and we see them in the works today. Some seem familiar, as if we've seen them in our parents' wedding albums multiple times growing up. Some seem like a relief to no longer see, while some are the types of things we want to see in our own weddings. These are a few of the worst and best/upcoming trends in our opinion.

The Worst

- Overly revealing wedding dresses

- Photoshop fails for wedding photos

- Cheesy cake toppers on heavily decorated cakes

- Overly intimate wedding photos

- Life-sized cakes of the bride

- Overdone makeup

= Full volume wedding gowns

- Puffy sleeved gowns

= Asking for cash on your invitation

The Best

Some trends result in gorgeous photos and even more breathtaking memories. Several trends have become timeless, basically classic in American wedding culture. Here, we see some of them incorporated in the hottest trends of 2017, as well as some that are entirely new.

- Unique, handmade invitations

- Color comeback in wedding themes

- Unique food presentation

- Food trucks

- Translucent cakes (just barely frosted cakes)

- Live entertainment

- Furry friends

- Metallic dresses

Many are guilty of planning their dream wedding since childhood. However, some trends may not still be pleasing to the eye. In fact, many things that once were desired now are laughable. While it is nice to stay up to date with new ideas and gain inspiration, it is important not to feel confined to what society feels is "trendy," or "in" when planning your wedding.

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