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Limelight Officiant Service Recap

Hello, everyone, we here at Limelight are still pretty excited about our brand new officiant service. We can promise that it's so easy to use that you may end up asking your bride friends if you can manage their wedding using the Limelight Planning Center. Well, okay, that might not be true but it is true that this process will be one of the easiest you encounter while planning your wedding. So, allow me to give you a quick rundown on some of the features and how-to's of the Limelight Wedding Planner and more specifically the Officiant Service.

First, log on to the Limelight Entertainment and Photography webpage and hover over the "MORE" tab, then click on "WEDDING PLANNING CENTER" or follow the hyper link. Then select "Client Log-In" and use the following information as something of a trial that will allow you to poke around the program and see just how simple wedding planning can really be. The username is "bridegroom11" and the password is "111618", there, you're on!

Next, to explore the Officiant Service, select "Plan my event." A list of forms will appear but what we're looking for is labeled as "ceremony builder," once you find that, click the red button labeled, "edit" to the right. From here you will be able to edit every step of your ceremony. By using custom messages you come up with yourself, hybrid messages that are combinations of your writing and our predetermined scripts, or a completely scripted ceremony chosen from our list of hundreds of possible selections.

To view our complete list of scripted messages, follow this link: , which features anchored categories for complete ease of use.

Back in the event planner you'll now be equipped with the tools to get started. In each category select the number of the scripted message you want and then copy and paste the text in the text box below it. The "Opening words and introduction" section is already filled out as an example. When you're done with that, simply select "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen and you're good to go. We will be able to view changes and go over them with you right from our Limelight offices.

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