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Post Engagement To-Do's

So, you've just got engaged to your best friend and partner, now what? In today's Limelight blog post, we're going to look at a few simple to-do's that can make the start of the wedding planning process much easier for you and everyone else that's involved.

Put together a reasonable timetable - The moment you start to tell loved ones that you just got engaged there first words out of their mouth will more than likely be...."congrats! I'm so happy for you!" and if they're not, then shame on them. However, after all of the well wishes flood in, everyone will want to know when is the wedding and unfortunately you can't be certain until you've got other aspects, like the venue, sorted out, It's important to pick a decent sized range for you and your fiancé to think about.

Gather inspiration and select your style - Although you may have dreamed about your wedding day since childhood, the wedding industry is ever changing and new ideas are constantly gaining and losing traction. Be sure to take some time and explore what options are out there when considering the style of your wedding, use resources like The Knot and Pinterest to build or tweak your style. It's also a lot easier to tweak your wedding early on in the process than it is days before the big day, so unless the late change is absolutely necessary, try sticking to your original plan.