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"She Said Yes" Has a Nice Ring to It

Although we typically focus on the female side of the wedding process, there is one very crucial step that is largely left up to the future groom...the proposal and most proposals are highlighted by one simple yet elegant object...the engagement ring. In today's post, we're going to take a look at a handful of tips to remember when considering and buying an engagement ring.

1. Consider Loose Stones - This is a great idea when trying to get the best value while still wow-ing your future wife. Especially when you're the type of couple that will opt for a new engagement ring, you'll probably be better off taking a look at loose stones and inspecting them yourself, ask the jeweler for help when examining stones. Another value adding tip when it comes to the stone is to buy a stone that is just under the size you intended to get, for example, opt for a 1.8 carat gem instead of the full 2 carats, this can help you save a bundle while really not detracting too much from the ring. Minor deformities are also something to keep in mind as most of the time they're invisible to the naked eye and yet save the buyer a fortune.

2. The Band - If you've got a shape and stone picked out, the next step would be the band. This varies from bride to bride and will require your observant eye to know what type of band your bride will like best. The most classic metals are platinum as the silver hue pairs stylishly with any shape of diamond. Another popular metal would obviously be gold, which is much more customizable and comes in a few different hues. Look at your significant others current jewelry and see if you notice any kind of trend in the bands she wears. Also, consider any allergies she may have or if she has sensitive skin, in this case we suggest a platinum band, as it is very hypo-allergenic.

3. Antique Rings - Another style based question you should ask yourself is whether or not your future bride would appreciate an antique ring. Antique rings cary an entire history with them and could be right up your brides alley. If you are confident that they would enjoy "something old" then you'll probably be able to spring for a slightly large and more elegant ring or pocket the savings and stick to your original size, cut, shape and band!

4. Sizing - Obviously, sizing is a major part of buying a ring. If you have no idea about what size ring she wears, or maybe she doesn't wear rings, consider that the most popular ring size is 6 to 6.5. If she does have a collection of rings, you could always just borrow one and bring it to the jeweler to have it sized. The internet is littered with different techniques on how to discreetly measure ring sizes so I wouldn't sweat it if you're at a loss for her size right now.

One other quick tip concerning the size and shape... halo settings are the go to setting to make a smaller carat stone appear larger. Also, there are many unique shapes and these also help to make a small carat stone look slightly bigger.

Finally, leave yourself plenty of time, if you're going with a custom ring or an engraved ring, shipping can take as long as six weeks so bare that in mind when planning out your perfect proposal.

Good luck! As always, leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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