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Wedding Location... Location, Location

Although we here at Limelight Entertainment and Photography created this blog in the hopes that it would benefit brides nationwide, naturally, we have a special place in our hearts for those getting married in the mitten. Michigan is one of the United States’ most naturally beautiful states and features countless, breathtaking locations that would make perfect venues for your big day. To help spread awareness of said beauty, we’ve taken a couple of moments to compile a list of a few places worthy of checking out if you’re still looking for a venue.

  • Black Star Farms: is a beautiful venue located in northern Michigan, more specifically, Traverse City. Tucked away in the woods, it makes for a beautiful and quiet wedding, while maintaining all modern amenities.

  • Old Town Marquee: is a chic and modern venue that combines its natural wood floors and its exposed brick wall to give the sense of a wildly stylish venue in cities like LA or New York but instead it is located locally, in Lansing, Michigan. Old Town Marquee also has the “Limelight Stamp of Approval.” (Bet you didn’t know that existed…)

  • The Homestead: is a venue located in Michigan crown jewel of natural beauty, Sleeping Bear Dunes, it features multiple locations under the one venue so your wedding, no matter the size, can happen at this stunningly beautiful spot.

  • Masonic Temple: is a venue located in the up and coming city of Detroit, a splash of historyic beauty on the modern cityscape of Detroit, this location will make you feel as if you’re millions of miles away while remaining in some of the most spectacular parts of Detroit.

  • Mission Point Resort: is a lakefront location on Mackinac Island and in terms of natural beauty, it stands with a small number of others, despite being on the higher end of the price spectrum, you will know what you spent that money on when you're looking out over Michigan’s beautiful lakefront.

  • CityFlatsHotel Grand Rapids: is a venue in what many consider to be Michigan’s “second city,” Grand Rapids. It offers affordable luxury and beauty, along with features like on-site catering. Guests will also appreciate the fact that you’ve put them in the awesome city of Grand Rapids.

  • The English Inn: is another historic venue, in the Lansing area, that will take you back in time in terms of style all while delivering outstanding modern amenities and service. This B&B is nothing short of breathtaking and also has that coveted “Limelight Stamp of Approval.”

  • Greenfield Village: is a venue that holds a special place in almost every Michiganders heart as a classic school field trip and the perfect way to step back in time and appreciate Michigan’s incredible natural and untouched beauty. Greenfield Village has plenty of excellent locations for a beautiful and romantic wedding.

  • Mackinaw City: is a venue and a city that maintains it’s quaint and small town demeanor, while remaining one of northern Michigans most popular in-state summer vacation locations. Incredible hotels and restaurants litter the city while the shore is dotted with lighthouses and churches making it a perfect wedding city.

  • Eagle Eye and Hawk Hollow: venues located just north of Michigan State’s campus, these banquet halls make for a spectacular modern wedding location and offer numerous different sized rooms that cater to every size wedding and gathering. On top of being on a beautifully designed golf course, these venues are the last on our list today that earn that “Limelight Stamp of Approval.”

Well, there you have it, a handful of spectacular locations that should help you pick out a venue if you find yourself stuck. As always, if you have any more questions, call our office at 517-709-7409 or drop us a line in the comments below, we’re here to help!

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