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Anniversary Gift Ideas: Years 6-10

We’re excited to bring back a series that we consider not only a pleasure to research and write about but to also read ourselves. Let’s get back in to the topic of anniversary gift giving and the traditional and modern materials associated with years six through ten!

6 Year Anniversary - Traditional: Iron, Modern: Wood

Six years together is quite the accomplishment and once again, the material that is used to celebrate year six shares many characteristics with your marriage by now. It’s strong as can be and dead useful too. Iron is still used throughout the world today and there are some really neat gifts that can be purchased in this theme. For example, how about displaying your undying love in the form of beautiful iron roses like these from DSKielMetalWorks. Or maybe you’re in the market for something a little less expensive, consider these iron horseshoe hearts made by hammeredforge!

Alas, two installments in and we’ve already got a repeat. Wood is the modern gift for number six and we’ve already given our thoughts on the matter in our last anniversary gift post. However, we will take this opportunity to showcase some other unique wooden gifts that would make anyone smile, like this custom engraved wine case. Another eye catching gift is this supremely cute cutting board!

7 Year Anniversary - Traditional: Wool/Copper, Modern: Desk sets

Wool and Copper, a classic duo bested only by…okay, more than a few. To be honest wool and copper don’t seem like they should be anywhere near one another but they do, in fact, share characteristics with a seven year marriage, one is warm and cozy while the other is hardened and beautifully expressive. Maybe they represent the differences in a marriage that make it so special, the yin and yang, if you will. Anyway, you won’t have trouble finding the perfect gift for this anniversary, check out these items that caught our attention: for her, a giant wool blanket to cozy up with, and for him, a sleek new wool necktie from JuneBrideGroom. For those interested in copper gifts, you simply can’t go wrong with a nice set of copper mugs, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cold Moscow Mule?

Next up? You guessed it, desk sets! Wait, you’re saying you didn’t know that desks sets were the modern seventh year anniversary gift? Well, join the club. But now that you do know, give them a chance because they’re awesome gifts for the office professional in your life, or maybe someone with a nice home-office. If personalized and bought from Etsy are two criteria on your gift buying checklist then check out this desk set from AmericanStationery. However, if you’re more of a leather person, The Elegant Office has a perfect leather desk set for you or your spouse.

8 Year Anniversary - Traditional: Bronze, Modern: Linens/Lace

Bronze is normally the lowest placing medal in an event. But silver and gold don’t come into the fold until years 25 and 50, respectively. This is a little bit puzzling but we’re okay with it because bronze is a really fun material to shop for. Bronze jewelry is naturally beautiful and also really resilient, a great piece on Etsy comes to us from NatsukoJewelry, this linked bronze necklace would make an awesome eighth anniversary gift. Really elegant bronze jewelry can hike up in price very quickly so we suggest sticking to the less expensive and more unique handmade bronze pieces.

If you like the modern interpretation of year eight then you’ll be in the market for some new linen bedding or maybe a cool linen tablecloth. There are simply too many options out there to honestly give you a great recommendation, however, if you’re really lost on this one then try browsing around at a place like Pottery Barn to see if inspiration strikes!

9 Year Anniversary - Traditional: Pottery, Modern: Leather

One more year until your first decade together but don’t overlook year nine because pottery can be really fun and easy to shop for. There’s an almost unlimited array of cool and unique products that you can find in the handmade or mass produced fashion. Some pottery pieces that we really consider worth buying are: this shave set for men, sticking close to the theme and still being cool and useful, this is the perfect nine year anniversary gift. Or, for the gardener in the relationship, what about this customized planter?

Another repeat…see part two of year six. Or go straight to the source (our last anniversary gift post) to get the full story and list of suggestions for neat leather goods.

10 Year Anniversary - Traditional: Tin, Modern: Diamond jewelry

A decade of love, society is changing and so are you two but one thing stays the same, your love for one another. One thing that has also stayed the same over many, many decades is the fact that people are making things, useful things and beautiful things, out of tin. If you two are the outdoorsy type, how about something subtle, cute and useful, like these tin can drink holders? Or maybe theres a family that comes along with Mr. and Mrs. now-a-days, this tin family tree is really unique and would make a nice addition to any family home!

Listen, diamond jewelry isn’t cheap but you knew that. And you certainly don’t need our help to pick out diamond jewelry for your significant other because, well, you’ve already done it once. So consider this a friendly reminder and a resource. If you can’t afford to buy another piece of jewelry, try and get creative with…maybe a ring pop?

Five more years in the books and we’re still going strong. Have you got other great wedding anniversary gift ideas? Leave a comment below to let other folks know! Years 11-15 are up next and they’ll be the last years divided up into individual gifts, after that we get into the big five year anniversaries. As always, thanks for reading and come back soon!

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