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Anniversary Gift Ideas: Years 1-5

In todays blog write-up, we here at Limelight Entertainment and Photography are going to begin what will more than likely be a 6(ish) part blog series that focuses on the traditional and modern gifts associated with each wedding anniversary. The early years are segmented into annual gifts with the “big ones” coming every fifth year, later on the anniversary gifts pare down to only every fifth year, although every year together is special in our minds. This particular segment will focus on years one through five. So, without further adieu:

1 Year Anniversary - Traditional: Paper, Modern: Clocks

The reasoning behind paper being the traditional year one anniversary gift is a little bit murky. Although it has deep roots in history, being a tradition since the Victorian Era, there are a few different interpretations as to why paper was given after one year of marital bliss. The eloquent and meaningful one, however, is also the simplest, paper represents the blank space in which you and your spouse will eventually write the chapters of your love on. It is still fragile and should be protected with the utmost care for from this paper a strong and loving story will unfold in the form of a happy marriage. When it comes to giving paper gifts, sometimes basic is best, stationary and cards are some foolproof gifts to give. However, if you're looking for something a little more memorable consider something like this Paper Anniversary Wedding Date Book from Elysianthings’ Etsy store.