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The perfect wedding day timeline

You always here people say oh, every wedding is late or no wedding ever stays on time. Well, that isn't all true. Most of time when weddings fall behind in their timeline it's because the itinerary wasn't properly layed out and was impossible to execute no matter how hard the bride and groom tried.

Going through every detail from the time you wake up until the last event at the reception is crucial. However, even when this is done, there are many things that can be overlooked that will cause destrction to any wedding day schedule. If you think about it, if you have 6 things that take more than 10 minutes longer than expected you are now an hour behind. Be sure to take notice to transitions as these are the number one delay that never gets figured in. For example, because you are arriving at the church at 11am and the bridal photos are scheduled at 11am that won't work. Allowing 15-20 minutes to get out of your cars, get everything together, and get settled in to the church is important. Each time you change locations or activities, it will take some time so its alwasy necessary to include that time in your itinerary to assure all events stay on time.

Don't get rushed. When planning your time line always give yourself a little extra time for each segment of your day. THis way you will have the opportunity to enjoy each part of the day as well as enjoying your overall wedding day experience. Talk to the wedding professionals at Limelight Entertainment and Photography to assure your wedding day is on time, stress free, and you can enjoy every second of the special day.

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