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5 Things To-Do the Week of Your Wedding

The week of your wedding is a crazy one! While everything is ready to go, there seems to be so much to do still! Here are 5 Things to do the Week of Your Wedding that we think are worth the reminder!


1. Over-Communicate!

It’s okay if you feel like you’ve “bugged” everyone too much… Do it again! This is YOUR big day. Reach out to your wedding coordinator to make sure everything is in-line and finalized. Confirm that your entertainment and photographer are scheduled to start on-time and that dinner is practically ready to be served, so to speak! Call your venue to finalize all details, big and small. There should be no confusion as for what you expect of them and their requirements! Calling just one more time will let you rest assured the week of your wedding!

2. Shoes!

Whether you are the bride or the groom, no one wants to walk around in pain when they should be having the time of their lives! Take some time to walk around your house in those beautiful shoes of yours. Breaking them in will allow you to dance the night away in comfort! While you’re rocking them out in your PJ’s, scuff them up! Now even though that sounds absolutely ridiculous, some dress shoes can have a velvet finish on the bottom. So make sure you scuff of the bottom to wear down that safety hazard. We want to see your grand entrance not your grand fall!

3. Gratuities!

Take some time before the big day to place checks or cash into individually marked envelopes to give to your vendors, entertainers and any/all services on your big day. You don’t want to be scrambling the night of your wedding for cash... And let’s be honest! They definitely rock! Otherwise... you wouldn’t have them there!

4. Clean the Rings!

Well they’re new, duh! Why would we need them cleaned? Well… We want them to shine! Not only are they beautiful, but they should be extra sparkly on your big say! Have your jeweler polish them the week of so they’re good and ready to go! Something small but oh so important that will make you look down and smile as you’re saying, “I do!”

5. Love and Rest!

Your future spouse is just as busy and full of emotions as you are! Take some time to show some love and appreciation to each other the week of. Even if it’s for a small window of time, like a cup of coffee or an evening walk, be present with them! Quality time with each will help you relax and ease your minds. While trying to relax, get some extra rest! Once the wedding activities start, it may be harder to find time to get the beauty sleep you need. Whether it’s because your schedule is booked or your mind is running too fast to keep up, you don’t want to be fatigued on your big day! Crawl into bed a little sooner every chance you get the week before you’re wedding!

The week of your wedding can be hectic, when every detail matters! Take a breath and relax! It will be everything you imagined and more! Let the Wedding Professionals at Limelight Entertainment and Photography help you settle the details throughout the wedding planning process! We will show you why our brides and grooms love us so much!


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