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Shine Bright Like A Diamond … Literally

Guests often avoid wearing white to weddings in order to allow the bride to stand out on her perfect day. However, even in white, it seems highly unlikely that any guest would be able to compete with the bride who wears a gown made of diamonds. The bride who wears these gowns would outshine any competition.

1. Designed by Renee Strauss in 2006, this diamond wedding gown is called just that - Diamond Wedding Gown - and is crafted from 150 carats of diamonds and costs a whopping $12 million. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but is this overkill?

Interestingly enough, the dress was not created for a wedding, but was fashioned together for a bridal show in California. Currently, this gown resides in Dubai at the Fashion and Diamonds show.

2. The second most expensive dress was designed by Yumi Katsura, and held the title as most expensive wedding dress up until Renee Strauss announced the Diamond Wedding Gown. Like the first gown, Katsura did not create the White Gold Diamond Dress with a specific recipient in mind. The centerpiece consists of five rare white gold diamonds and a green diamond which is a whopping 8.8 carats.

3. While this gown is not like the others, this dress seems noteworthy. Unlike a traditional white gown (or even like a diamond encrusted gown like the above two), Vera Wang designed a dress stitched by 8 craftsmen for the Wedding Expo in China back in 2009. Made of over two thousand peacock feathers, this unconventional gown is rumored to be designed for Jennifer Lopez in her journey with Ben Affleck.

While many wedding traditions are irreplaceable and we don’t see them changing any time soon, several traditions are now seen being altered or left out in general, such as the unique wedding gown carefully sewn from the gorgeous feathers of a male peacock. Come back on Monday to see some wedding trends that have been changing over time in the US!

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