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Limelight Exclusive: Our Newest Addition

Meet the newest addition to the Limelight family! Irene is an advertising and psychology major at Michigan State University, and an intern at Limelight as our social media marketing manager.

Her attraction to the marketing field involves the ambiguity in advertising and marketing. The changing dynamic from traditional media to digital media and the idea that there is not just one strategy that will always work makes her feel intimidated, yet excited. She enjoys her psychology background because it helps her see how peoples’ minds work, how they act, and why.

Irene’s desire to be a part of Limelight also reflects her hobby of photography. Once she grabbed her camera (actually, she 'borrowed' her dad’s camera) back in high school, she could not put it down. Her love for being behind the lens only grew after taking photojournalism classes and joining her high school’s yearbook team. When she isn’t busy with school, she loves to take photos for others, especially ones that mark major milestones, such as graduation photos. This summer, she plans to follow some of the Limelight photographers to weddings to improve her photography. She also plans to grow her own small portrait photography service on the side.

Aside from school and photography, she enjoys just sitting around with her close friends, eating ice cream, playing with her dog, and rewatching all 10 seasons of Friends over and over again. Her perfect day would include going to class, going on a photoshoot, and watching an entire season of Friends while lying on the couch with her dog.

Irene likes to have fun with her work and believes that Limelight is the next step for her in her professional life, as well as feels that it is truly a place where she can grow, due to the number of opportunities and caring, welcoming staff. She hopes to achieve many things in her time at Limelight. Overall, she aims to learn as much as she can about the field of marketing, as well as gain experience in photography.

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