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5 Affordable Honeymoon Locations

After months and months of planning your big day, you're probably pretty excited to get some vacation time. Not to mention, you now have a husband/wife that you get to spend every minute of the next few days with, so you want it to be special. Though I know that being with the one you love is what truly matters, having a nice location for a honeymoon is a great way to start out your marriage. Of course, honeymoons can be quite costly, especially after a wedding. So where are some affordable, yet enjoyable places to go?

Florida Keys

With white sand beaches, palm trees, and swimming with dolphins, the Florida keys are a great place to travel without having to go over seas. Not to mention, driving over the Keys scenic high way is breathtaking.


Ireland has become a very popular location for honeymoons in Western Europe. How could it not with the castles and beautiful scenery? Ireland is also full of perfect bed and breakfast locations, mostly priced under $50 per night per person, to add to your fairytale love story.


Jamaica is full of amazing opportunities; hiking, snorkeling, adventuring; you name it. Not to mention, it's absolutely gorgeous. It is known as being the cheapest of the Caribbean islands with many great deals incentives on hotels and traveling.

Lake Tahoe of Nevada/California

Another great location within the United States is Lake Tahoe. With both beaches, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, visitors have a variety of things to do. Lay on the beach and go kayaking, or go up to the mountains and ski or snowboard. The best of both worlds!

Big Sur, California

Nestled in to the Californian coast, we have Big Sur. Not only is it within the United States, but you also have the ability to camp on a site overlooking the Pacific (for under $20 per night), or stay at an ocean front resort. Big sur also has an amazing history and has influenced many artists over the years. Perfect for the start of a new life.

Just a few examples to get you started on your search for an enjoyable, yet affordable honeymoon that we know will be unforgettable!

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