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Ten Tips for a Pitch Perfect Wedding

Start off slow - Every bride and groom wants the reception to be a success and to many that means that everyone is having fun out on the dance floor. It’s easier to get in the groove with slow songs and work your way up to more fun and up-tempo songs once everyone is feeling loose. 2.

Great ambiance = …great music? - I know sight and sound are two different sensations but trust me, nothing enhances a great soundtrack like great ambiance. If it’s in the budget, seriously consider opting for uplighting and other dance floor lighting.

Awesome up lighting sample

Communicate the do-plays and the do-not-plays - Although your DJ’s and bands are probably professional musicians, they’re definitely not professional mind readers. If there are songs that your must have played, make sure your write them down and talk about them with your DJ, though you should try and give them some creative freedom on when to play them if possible. Same

goes for songs on the do-not-play list, write them down and have them communicated in person but try and keep that list as short as possible.

Keep the volume reasonable - Even if your speakers CAN go up to 11, refrain from doing so. Chances are you’re going to have a wide variety of guests and some might not want to get lost in the music. They may be more interested in conversing with guests they haven’t seen in a while. Be sure to accommodate every guest.

Location, location, location - Always remember to take into account your venue when deciding what kind of music is best for your wedding/reception. Outdoor weddings with huge receptions are more inclined to have DJs and bands while smaller receptions have a little bit more freedom. Talk with your DJ or wedding planner about the venue before you book.

Curtailing the first dance - Yes, it is fine if you cut the first dance down a little bit. More importantly, don't let the length of your first song choice be a major factor.

Check church rules - If you're getting married in a church, be sure to double check with the church to make sure that they don't have any restrictions on music, and if they do, consider them and be sure to relay the message to your music provider.

Keep it PG-13 - This depends on the guest list but in most cases its a great idea to keep the music choices PG-13 all night all. Many older guests just don't enjoy explicit lyrics as much as the younger generation does. If you're dead set on having certain explicit songs it might be a good idea to save them for later in the night.

Variety is the spice of life and weddings - Another song choice tip, consider that your guests might not have the same taste in music as you. Be sure to span a few different genres if pleasing all of your guests is on your mind. Most DJs will do so automatically but if you're doing music yourself, or with a band, make sure that they've got something other than Billy Joel pre-80’s hits up their sleeves.

Do your homework and ask around - Before you book a music service for your special day, make sure you do your homework. Use Facebook and other services to determine the right type of music service for your wedding. The best advice comes from those with experience. Plus you’re probably reading this on a great wedding services companies website, you might as well ask!

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