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What to get your Groom on your wedding day?


When it comes to weddings, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not just the bride who likes a little romance. A surprise gift for the groom on the wedding morning can set the mood for the day and make him feel loved and appreciated. Here are some great ideas for that special gift for your groom.

I know what you’re thinking…Do I have to spend a lot of money?

Of course not! You just need to put a little thought and love into the bride and groom gift exchange.

Since you’ll probably be wearing a new dress, jewelry and shoes, it only seems right that the groom gets something special on your wedding day, besides the joy of marrying you of course :) There are several traditional options for the groom’s gift the morning of the wedding, but never underestimate the appreciation of a small but meaningful gift to your man.

1. Cuff Links

Many brides purchase cuff links for the groom, as they’re a gift that can be worn on the wedding day and for years to follow and they’re easy to personalize. A. Jaffe offers map cuff links. You could pick the place you met, where you’re getting married, or the location of your new home. Azzi Jewelers near Frandor in Lansing offers great customer service and a complete line of A. Jaffe personalized gifts.

2. Flask & Spirits

A flask is another traditional groom’s gift. You can easily personalize it be engraving it with your groom’s name and a personal message. Include a bottle of your groom’s favorite spirit for a gift he’ll love. Your gift doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, but your groom will more than likely have some jitters before the ceremony, so including a bottle of whiskey and a box of cigars to share with his groomsmen will suite well with all the guys and will help calm his nerves?

6. A time piece

There are a variety of different brands and styles but you know your guy the best. This gift can be budget friendly or be a gift that will last a lifetime. However for most men, a watch will be something he can wear the day of the wedding and every time he checks the time, your love for him will come to mind.

Attach a little note to it that says, “See you at 3:00,” or whatever time you’re saying “I do.”

7. A gentlemen's shaving kit

Treat him to a little grooming. If he's never had a warm lather, straight razor, real barbershop shave experience, this is a great time to introduce him to the idea of pampering. Many grooms will get a straight razor shave on their wedding day, but why not extend that luxury with a personalized and professional shaving kit.

8. "The Grooms day" on your honeymoon

Surprise him with a special event while on your honeymoon that he will personally enjoy. A special whiskey or wine tasting, scuba or snorkeling, BBQ adventure maybe? Whatever best fits your groom, celebrate him with his very own day during your honeymoon.

9. Right handed ring

A jewelry exchange on the wedding day is common, and the default for guys is often watches but a nice ring for the right hand is also a fabulous gift. Many men enjoy wearing accessories and choosing a right handed ring will open the doors to personalize his style with a beautiful ring that matches his personality. If you're in the Mid Michigan area, visit Azzi Jewelers for a great selection on men's right handed rings.

10. Wedding experience journal

Men are not completely devoid of sentiment, and if the planning process has been rocky, give him your notes from every day of the journey. Let him know how much you've loved him through every disagreement, joy, mistake, triumph, last minute change, and trying time. Let him know that that these memories are what make your life together special. There are somethings that money just can't buy.

No matter what you choose to get your groom on your wedding day, I am sure he will love it and cherish it forever. However, this is a chance to really put some thought in a gift and be creative. Besides his Mom, there is no other person that should know him better than you.

If you have any questions while planning your upcoming Michigan wedding day, the wedding professionals of Limelight Entertainment and Photography would be honored to assist you. Our 20 years of wedding experience goes a lot farther than just our award winning photography and entertainment services. Please visit our web site at or`call our office at 517-709-7409.

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